**A variety of messages cannot be shared so that the identity of people in the coming out process is fully protected.


"If I saw someone wearing this when I was young I would have been a lot less scared. I hope that by having it other people will feel safer knowing that there are others around to support them." - Jonathan C. 

"Just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate what you do for this community."


"One of the greatest things I enjoy seeing on your page is real people. Thanks for embracing courage, successful and thankful stories of people like us."


"I absolutely love the basis of this campaign! As a gay student in a fairly old-fashioned region of the UK, I have realized just how terrifying it is. I waited nearly two years before I told my parents after telling my friends."


"I’ve had friends and family struggle to even talk about it. Even the smallest show of support can go a long way."


"My stepbrother came out when MN passed same-sex marriage... I hated knowing that it took that law for him to feel safe enough to make the announcement. I want to be there for him, and many others, who feel like they can’t speak up." - Emily K.


"As part of the LGBTQ community, I know how important it is to know that you're not alone."


"I spent a lot of years not being able to acknowledge my own reality largely because it was never ok to talk about it and there were no safe places. That is changing today in healthy and unhealthy ways. I'm supporting one of the positive ways." - Derrick S. 


"Bc as a high school teacher for almost 15 years I lost students to suicide. And I have to speak up to cause some small shift in the world so we no longer create and sustain communities in which kids would rather die than just be who they are." - Amy M. 


"As a member of the LGBTQ community, having been through the trials and tribulations of coming out, it is of great importance to make myself available to those who begin their journey."


"I never had the opportunity to come out on my own. I still face rejection by my own family. I want the shirt to say to everyone that I am here and proud of the person I am today." - Corey J. 


"I needed someone to go when I came out, I want to be that person for anyone that might be struggling."


"Because being visible allows those who can’t be visible to know they’re not alone. No matter LGB or T we’re all allies for each other."


"As a counselor, I have had the privilege of listening to many coming out, and hearing many coming out stories. Often there has been fear in the process. Always there has been courage. Much thanks for this courageous, gutsy and loving campaign." - Gretchen S. 


"Because I was scared when I came out and no one was there for me at first but now “I am here” and I want people to know."


"I run a GSA in a small town’s school and I’ve been waiting for a shirt like this to promote the visibility within my school!" - Bailey U. 


"The work you're doing is incredibly important. Your team is uplifting communities of people and helping all of us come together to tear down barriers. Thank you for doing what you do!" - Van T. 


"Because visibility, in this sense, can have a life-changing impact on so many individuals without a conversation even taking place."


"Because it's a beautiful intervention in hostile territory. Because it's courageous. Because it's got heart. Because it's got chutzpah."  - Tracy M. 


"Living in the south and having a gay son, I know the importance of having a good support system. I’ll proudly wear this." - Gretchen V. 








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